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Suzuki Raider 150R
6 speed constant mesh (1 down-5 up). Telescopic coil spring oil-damped front suspension and swing arm type, coil spring, oil damped rear suspension.
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Suzuki Shogun Pro 125
Large cut-out-center front disc brake and spokes contribute to overall lightness. Mag wheels provide added cushioning, traction, and a racier feel.
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Suzuki Raider 150
For the first time in motorcycle history, Suzuki introduces with pride, the only one of its kind sport bike with a twin camshaft, 4-valve, 150 cc superior performance engine. Exclusive to its design i...
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Kawasaki Aura Nexus 125
Dependable, 125 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC engine delivers high recital in the upper speed ranges and plenty of receptive low and mid-range torque for ease of process
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Kawasaki Aura Nexus 112D
The modern and sporty styling of this nice-looking new machine makes it one of the best looking mopeds in its class. Young people, ladies will be particularly attracted to Nexus 112's eye catching des...
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Kawasaki Aura Classic
Kawasaki Aura Classic combines attractive styling with a 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled engine and power come from 111.3 cc. Dimensions of 1,925 x 687 x 1,050 mm.
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Honda XRM Special Edition
The easy rid ability and manners of a boulevard bike. The ruggedness and power to take the bumpy roads. 110cc of motorcycle power linked to a rider friendly 4 speed rotary type transmission.
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Honda XRM
Big capacity u-box seat and simple to read meters. Rugged, stylish, power lighting, smooth, swift riding on any road surface, even on rugged roads. 110cc of motorcycle power linked to a rider friendly...
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Honda Wave 100R
Sporting front disc brakes, the Honda Wave 100R takes fashionable good looks and innovative 100cc technology to new heights. Enjoy the enhanced mobility and progressive lifestyle offered only by Honda...
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Honda Wave 100
The Wave 100 offering a fashionable mobility lifestyle. Featuring the finest in 100cc 4-stroke engine technology in the Philippines, the Honda Wave 100 offers a riding pleasure at an affordable price....
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